Bringing Kaizen philosophy to meditation
Kai =Good  Zen=Change



I've taken all I’ve learned about meditation,

Tipped it in a big pot, I've shaken it up,

Turned it upside down,

Added a few drops of Kaizen magic,

Stirred it up,

And now I have the secret sauce to help you train your mind using a modern approach, and at a pace that you can manage and fit into your daily life.  



I am currently taking bookings for my next course, please feel free to contact me for more information.

Meditation helps your mind rest & your body heal,
it can also help you create a life you L   VE
but more than that, the beautiful, 'YOU' that is unveiled with the help of meditation, will ooze out into the world also enhancing the lives of those around you,
& what a wonderful warm thought that is