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Tara Leyden

Meditation Teacher


creating space between the thoughts


Her passion is to help others take their finger off the rewind or fast-forward buttons of life, which can throw us into thinking of the past or future & instead to place the finger on firmly on play and bring awareness to the present moment.

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Meditation Classes 

Classes are exclusive to those having completed the  6 week meditation course.
The classes encourage you to keep up the momentum of your own personal daily practice,

whilst further enhancing and deepening your knowledge and experience.

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Meditation Course

A six-week course designed to help ease you into your daily meditation practice. 
During the course, you will be Introduced to many different styles of meditation techniques including, Breath, Mantra, Contemplation, Buddhist, Mindfulness, Visualisation, Zen, Silence & the use of Mala Beads.



Meditation Course 

For those that would prefer one to one,

one to two, or a small group of friends/family.

Designed exclusively to meet your needs.

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 Meditation is freedom from our

life situation

& chaotic minds

  • I teach meditation in a small group format. 

  • I also offer 121 either online or in person.

  • I am trained in a variety of meditation techniques & offer a light-hearted way of teaching by bringing an element of fun to the practice.


I would advise reading my website blog-

'What to Expect At My Classes'

Contact Me

For more information and how to book onto a course please contact me below.  

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Meditation Class
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