The unknown in any situation can be a little scary and a meditation class is no exception. I want you to feel welcome, at ease upon arrival, and go away looking forward to the next session and your own personal meditation practice, therefore I've listed just a few things that may help you prepare for your first session.

Kaizen...uplevel your life one small meditative step at a time!

What to Expect

Image by Lin Mei

Introduction to meditation
4 week course

First let me explain that there is Mindfulness and there is Meditation…many people confuse them to be the same thing, but they are not. Many of the meditation apps and drop-in classes teach mindfulness techniques, what I will teach you within the first three weeks is the difference between the two and how both can be used to complement each other.  I elaborate more in my classes but for now, be excited by the thought that if you have previously found meditation challenging then this will be the end of your struggles, as I expel the myths and help you discover a whole new meditation experience. 


I will also talk about what happens within the brain when we meditate. I don't want to baffle you with too much science, but just as it's important to know the benefits that physical exercise can have on the body, I feel the same applies to mental exercise such as meditation.


It is imperative to me, that you fully understand why it is important to keep up the practice, what you may experience from your meditations, how to deal with past painful memories that may come up during your meditation practice, and all the amazing benefits that you will experience when you start to meditate really is the most incredible journey!

During the last half an hour of the 4th and final week, I will guide you through my, 'Five Flow' technique allowing you time to journey into a beautiful state of deep healing rest.


It is really important that you are totally comfortable throughout the meditation practice, or you will end up feeling fidgety, possibly ache which could result in you moving about too much. You are not expected to sit in a lotus position…there will be chairs available, but if you prefer to sit on the floor as I do, please bring your own meditation seat, cushions, bean bag…I personally would highly recommend a fold-up seat with back support, but if you can carry it then anything goes, the main thing is that you feel totally supported and comfortable,


You do not need to wear feather earrings, shave your head or wear a robe but if you so wish you can!  Wear clothing that you feel comfortable in, soft clothes that do not dig in are advisable. 


Please bring a bottle of water. Although I won't be entering you into a meditation practice that involves jumping up and down and breaking into a sweat! (as much fun as that might be) the unknown can cause you to feel more thirsty and it's also good practice to make sure you stay hydrated.

Group Size

For now, I am keeping the meditation groups to 15 maximum.  I'm hoping this will make the sessions more appealing to those new to meditation, and it allows me to keep my voice soft while guiding (I don't intend shouting through a megaphone, although the image of that has me giggling!).


I will teach you how to meditate in any setting as you don't need incense, candles, music, etc…but to help you feel relaxed and less conscious of others around you, I may use mood lighting, led candles (led’s so I don't cause a fire hazard!) and play very soft background music…I'm not trying to create an atmosphere where you fall asleep as the idea of meditation is to fall awake, but be aware that dozing off momentarily can happen…Even Tibetan monks have fallen asleep during meditation!


You may wish to take notes and also journal your experience after each mindfulness/meditation practice. This can help focus your awareness on the experience, while also identifying any challenges you may face and moments you enjoy. If you wish to journal or take notes, please bring a pen and paper…alternatively you may wish to invest in a proper journal which you can also use for your own daily meditation practice. I remember looking back through my own 12-week journal,  the positive changes I noticed within myself were motivational enough for me to continue my meditation practice, and become a meditation teacher.

Meditation Classes

Classes are a closed group, exclusive for all those who have completed the introduction to meditation. The meditations may be a little deeper, some longer, some with less guidance, some will be themed and with my continuous personal development, I will be sharing new learning and information with you regularly.


Meditation is for anybody, you don't have to be anything you are not, so be yourself.  Enjoy your moments in meditation and allow yourself to enter a beautiful, peaceful, healing place of bliss.

I am really looking forward to teaching you!