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5 Great reasons to meditate in a group

Meditation is simple to learn but not easy to do as it takes a lot of mental energy and a little bit of time. You need self discipline to actually sit down and take that time for yourself each day. There is after all so many other things on the to-do list, work to go to, kids to look after, housework, cooking, shopping, study, bills to pay, the list goes on.

With all this going on new habits can be pushed to the bottom of the to-do list and often forgotten about. In fact the list of to-do's can be so long that for many people the only new habits formed are bad habits, over eating, alcohol, drug abuse, and all in an attempt to try and de-stress from their busy lives, but in reality these habits only stress the body out more as it tries to recover.

Meditation is a good habit with no nasty side effects! Meditating regularly, helps to de-stress the body and clear the mind as it all becomes still, quiet and calm.

So how can meditating in a group help?

We are social creatures and since the beginning of human existence we have formed communities so that we can feel a sense of belonging. Within strong communities we are surrounded by people with similar values, we feel inspired and motivated, we see new opportunities, share experiences, learn from each other, have fun together, form friendships and so on.

So with this in mind I have pulled together 5 great reasons why I feel meditating in a group will help you form your own personal daily meditation habit.

1. Focus

Meditating within a group is motivating and helps us to focus our attention. We are not so tempted to give into distractions as we are unlikely to get up in the middle of a group session to write an email, or go and check the latest social media posts.

2. Motivating

Meeting up in group meditation re-motivates us especially if our own meditation practice has gone wayward. With that renewed motivation we feel a sense of accountability to continue to make the time for our own daily practice.

3. Connection

Within group meditation there is a powerful energy emitted. We connect on a deeper level, tapping into a profound silence and with it brings a sense of calm and peace to all within that shared space.

4. Support

We can empathise with each others meditation experiences and challenges. With empathy we feel compassion which helps us to guide and support each other.

5. Friendships

Connecting regularly with like minded people and sharing meditation experiences will bring you closer together and for many beautiful new friendships will blossom.

To Summarise

  • Meditation is a positive habit that reduces stress and helps us manage the to-do list more effectively.

  • For best results it is important to keep our meditation practice going daily and long term habits generally form better when we are around people with the same interest.

  • Regular group meditation is a great way to meet new people and inspires us to keep up our own daily practice.

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