• Tara Leyden

Letting go

As I watched the leaves fall from the trees it reminded me that nature lets go of all that no longer serves it, making room for the new. As humans we can easily get very attached to things, places, people, thoughts, emotions, and not all of them serve us well.

Some attachments sadden us, drain us and prevent us from moving forward, so why do we hold onto them and why can it be so hard to let go?

Maybe with the constant thought of these past pains, we comfort ourselves into thinking we will eventually make sense of it all or do we hold onto the drama because letting go can suggest we are wrong and someone else is right or is it that we've let the past define who we are, therefore thinking that if we let go, we will lose some part of ourselves.

Whatever the reason that we can't let go, we must try to remember it's the past. The pain we may feel is only our thoughts going over and over it, and often they are not even the reality, but our own mind making up a story.

Autumn can show us how beautiful it is to let things go...sit somewhere peaceful with no distractions...close your eyes and think of the unhealthy attachments that you are holding onto, the ones that no longer serve you, see if you can let them fall away like the leaves falling from a tree. This may take a few attempts so be gentle with yourself, you've been holding on a long time😊When you've let go, feel the sense of freedom within, a beautiful emptiness and space, making room to attract more of the things that will serve you well.

'If 'let it go' doesn't work, try instead, 'I allow myself to be released' -Sharna Langlais

Free yourself from the attachment and begin the letting go today😊💜

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