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See with your heart

Do you see with your eyes & your heart?

Often in the Western world we will walk by someone and say a polite hello, or ask, "How are you?" and without any more thought, we keep walking by without waiting for an answer...we've acknowledged the person's presence but we didn't really see them.

A few years ago I read a book called, 'The Audacity of Success' by Brian Grasso...Chapter 3, 'See Yourself & Others' favourite was within this chapter I learnt of the word, 'Sawobona,' a Zulu word used to greet translates to, "I see you." I thought it was beautiful.

Then when I was in India in 2016, one of my most beautiful experiences was seeing people greet each other with a hand on their heart...I was greeted many times this way and as I looked at their face, the eyes and the smile warmed my whole being...I felt they saw me and they meant it.

I believe the heart to be our true open heart sees deeper than the outer beings our eyes can only experience...with our heart we can see and also feel the emotions of others, helping us to have compassion when someone is in pain and share in their joy when they are happy.

We can't engage in a full-blown conversation with every person we see in a day, slightly unrealistic, (though it would be great to try...I for one do love to chat!😃) but it's about seeing someone for that brief moment of passing a stranger and giving a genuine heartfelt smile.

In our current Covid situation we are unable to freely give out that friendly reassuring touch of the hand, or a warm loving hug, but we can see with our hearts and give out the warmth that people are desperately in need of right now.

Maybe today challenge yourselves to see every person, not just with your eyes but with your the end of it you would have made a lot of people happy and you are going to feel amazing!😀🤩


I would love to 'see you' (my cheesy little plug😉) for a meditation session...if you would like to know more please feel free to contact me,

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