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The benefits of meditation for me

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

For many years’ meditation has been a daily habit and is as important to me, for my health and well-being, as good food and exercise.

Before meditation, I use to have a habit of over thinking things causing me to worry. I would worry about certain situations often turning them into potential problems, thus pushing my mind into overdrive as I focused on the," what might happen." I would also worry about that long list of to-do's (I like a clear & clutter free life! 😊). To-do's often felt thrust upon me and out of my control, so I would end up taking physical action knocking each one off the list as quickly as possible, but in hindsight all I was doing was putting even more pressure on myself. My mind was a worrying, thought infested bombardment of to-do's, and completely made up outcomes that I thought might happen but in reality, never did! Do you feel like that sometimes?! 😊

All this worry not only affected my mind, but I noticed that the more mentally stressed I was, the more I would experience my body also taking a battering. On occasions I would end up a little tearful and tired from it all, which made me more susceptible to colds, muscle aches and minor injuries from training. I never at the time would have put this down to my mind situation.

When I was led to meditation through a book I read, 'Living Magically' by Gill Edwards, it was as if something magical really did happen within me. It was not an overnight transformation, but at the same time, from the very offset, I felt different. In that stillness of meditation, I really began to notice the feelings and vibrations within my actual body. Within my mind there became peace, a quietness and stillness, my pace of life began to slow down.

Through meditation the to-do's became challenges rather than chores & my mind became so relaxed that I was able to put things into perspective, without all of the worry and urgency that I use to put on myself. I learnt to spin around what could be interpreted as negative situations and they became a positive lesson, challenge or blessing. This in turn helped stopped the unnecessary worry about the future and helped strengthen my whole being.

My overall health improved and pain through training injuries were reduced. There was also a significant change in my relationships, through meditation I began to really see people and I mean “really see them”, there was a longing to understand them and with that I became a better listener. I felt genuinely more loving and caring towards all beings and the whole world around me.

One of the most beautiful things I've found with meditation is how it has helped me to notice life, it has slowed me down, and I am now often filled with such an overwhelming gratitude for all of life. Gratitude helps keep me in a very positive state of mind. They say that gratitude is the “antidote” to stress, anxiety, suffering and many other mind related problems. In order to enter a state of gratitude, I needed to calm my mind and in doing so I have been able to find more gratitude in my life which has led to a better life. Meditation was the key that unlocked my mental prison and set me FREE!

I am not perfect and occasionally worrying thoughts can come in again, but now I am aware of them, it is as if I am watching my worrying self through a higher calmer self, like there is two of me. With that awareness I am able to smile and even laugh at my overwhelmed self, then pull myself back out of that worrying state. I know that at anytime I can meditate and bring myself back to the present moment, and in the present moment, I see a calmness and gentleness to life.

To sum up, I had been living much of this life in a bubble of worry which through meditation has been popped (bang!) and I am free (Yay!) 😊. My sense of freedom comes from living in the present, a huge sense of gratitude for life and bringing new perspective to all that comes my way.

Why not come and join me on one of my courses so that you too can enjoy a new way of life! Life can be amazing…once your mind says so! 😊

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