"A great comprehensive insight into calming your mind and emotions under the guidance of Tara. Mike and I really appreciate your help, knowledge, and techniques and look forward daily to our meditation time! Practice makes perfect. Great teacher. Thank you."


“I’ve only recently had the pleasure of starting to get to know Tara, yet I already feel she has, and will hopefully continue to have, a massive impact on my life. She demonstrates a huge and really genuine passion for the meditation techniques she teaches. This passion is infectious and coupled with her informative, yet caring and considerate approach, I believe myself and other students completed the course feeling inspired and sure we’d taken as much as was humanly possible from the time. It’s very difficult not to feel inspired by Tara’s positivity and lust for life, which is fully evident in everything she does, but especially in what seems like her true passion for meditation. For me personally, I offer Tara my eternal thanks for the part she has played in helping and supporting me on this part of my journey. There is still a long way for me to go, but I know that what she has shown me will be pivotal in keeping me on the right course.” Drew. 

"When I initially spoke to Tara about meditation I will admit that I was more than a little sceptical as I have spent my entire working career dealing with facts. After some persuasion I decided to give it a go.

I joined a group of others on the first session and entered into the spirit of Tara’s teaching and almost immediately after the first session I realised that is a lot to meditation that can benefit everyone.

I have now completed the first four week's course and the benefits are incredible. I am much calmer, relaxed and realise that stress is just a state of mind that can be overcome with time spent meditating. Tara is an excellent teacher and coach and I wholeheartedly recommend her to those of you who are considering taking up meditation. I am a true skeptic turned believer." Geoff, Retired Police Officer.

"Tara is just amazing! The course was brilliant and Tara's enthusiasm for meditation is second to none.
I wasn't sure about the whole meditation 'thing' but it really is worthwhile, learning techniques to take yourself out of everyday stresses to find time for yourself. Thanks Tara!!"  Kristie, Duty Manager.

"I have completed the beginner's meditation course. I have been able to use the techniques taught to help prevent my stress levels from building at work and I feel more relaxed in myself. I'd highly recommend this course." Helen.

"I learned so much in such a short time! Tara is truly a beautiful soul and it was a pleasure learning from her 💖I can’t wait to start level 2!"  Silvia, Learning Advisor.

"I completed Tara's meditation course, I just wanted to say how fantastic it was, I have learned so many new techniques of meditation and Tara was an amazing teacher, I would highly recommend this course to anyone."  Sarah, Fitness Instructor.

"A great introduction to Meditation. Informative and enjoyable. Tara is very accommodating and has an inspiring enthusiastic manner which creates a relaxed and warm atmosphere for people of all abilities and backgrounds. The skills being taught were explained well, and the different techniques were linked together with interesting facts on the medical and scientific benefits of regular meditation. I'm glad I took part, and am looking forward to Course 2!" Dan, Singer-Songwriter.

"I attended the beginners Meditation course with Tara and it was a great experience; it was a lovely group, as Tara made everybody feel so welcome and at ease. She is so enthusiastic and passionate, it left me inspired and motivated. Everybody has to find their own way, and Tara certainly provides you with the tools and the inspiration to continue your journey."  Sibylle.